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Pain in my leg is gone

To My family at Marshall Spinal Care, When I was doing laundry on January 11, 2003. I bent over to pick up a basket of clothes, when suddenly something popped and I went down to my knees. I crawled to my room while crying and screaming in pain. I got to my bed and that […]


MSC Staff is Key to Recovery

Dear Dr. Ray & Dr. Mary, Thank you seems like such an inadequate word to describe my gratefulness for your kindness and service to our family. Your office is more like a Nurturing Facility than a Doctor’s office. I sensed when hearing your interview on the radio, that this may be where God was leading […]


First Treatment Miraculous

To Marshall Spinal Care, I learned about Marshall Spinal Care last fall while your then attending student from Palmer College was visiting our church. It was by chance that I sat near him during a dinner and learned all about the technique of Brainstem Care. It was months later that my best friend had a […]


No Pain In My Hip

Dear Dr. Mary, At one time in my life, I felt that I had little to look forward to. After having enjoyed a lifetime of good health, I was diagnosed with hypertension, an anxiety disorder, and gastritis. In addition to these problems, I was plagued with insomnia, migraines, and chronic fatigue. Everyday it seemed there […]


There is Hope

Dr. Ray, It has been on my heart for a couple of weeks to let you know in a letter what a blessing you have been to me. I had put it off and even told God I will tell you in person every time I have come in how I feel. But for some […]


Painless Spinal Care

One afternoon, while enjoying some horseplay with some friends I threw my lower back out. At the time it really didn’t hurt and I just forgot about it. I had no idea just how much pain a back injury could cause. The next morning I woke up with pain like I have never experienced before. […]


Energy Level Is Up

Dr. Ray Marshall, Occasionally my husband goes fishing with an acquaintance from Tulsa, OK. This spring in conversation during the fishing trip, he learned this gentleman’s daughter was involved in an auto accident and how your services had helped her. Being unfamiliar with the term Brainstem Care, we did some research online and decided to […]


No More Headaches

I was suffering with a migraine headache at an average pain scale of 8 to 10 for almost 70 days. I was even in the hospital for two weeks because of it. The doctors in the hospital tried various medications to “knock out” the headache, but nothing seemed to really work. I had heard about […]


Immediate Results

About three years ago my life began to change dramatically. It felt like I was dying a slow torturous death from the inside out. (The tissue under my skin even hurt.) I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over two years ago but my neurologist kept telling me this was not normal pain for people with […]


My 7 year old is happy now

Dear Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary, Tim and I cannot thank you enough for the way you have helped the four of us through your care. We have all benefited greatly, yet the one who has benefited the most dramatically is our daughter. When we first came to you about three years ago, Anja was […]

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