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Pain in my leg is gone

To My family at Marshall Spinal Care,

When I was doing laundry on January 11, 2003. I bent over to pick up a basket of clothes, when suddenly something popped and I went down to my knees. I crawled to my room while crying and screaming in pain. I got to my bed and that is were I stayed for six months. When I went to our family doctor, he told me that I was looking at having an MRI and more than likely back surgery. My husband Sam and I said we did not want to go that route. So the doctor sent me home with some anti-inflammatory pills and pain pills. Then I went to a chiropractor. He helped me enough so I could get from my bed, into the car and to my job. They moved the computer to the floor so I could lie on the floor and work. I could not stand, sit, or walk. I pretty much crawled everywhere I went. Needless to say I was missing out on a lot with my husband and both of my kids (ages 13 & 15).

The chiropractor told me after six months that he could not do anymore for me. He recommended a neurologist, which meant an MRI and possibly back surgery. Again, Sam and I decided we were not going that route. Thoughts started to flood my mind like: “was I going to have to live with this and function this way from now on?” I could see a thick cloud around Sam’s head. Was he going to have to live with his wife disabled? So many thoughts flooded in, but God had something for us.

Our Pastor had been coming to Dr. Ray and had been talking to him about our situation. Dr. Ray said he could help. So, Pastor, Sam and I came to Marshall Spinal Care the first part of July.

The first half of my appointment was when I got aligned and I found out I was one and three quarters of an inch out of alignment. Dr. Ray began the correction and within the first two clicks the pain in my left leg (the sciatic nerve) was gone.

I walked out of that office and within the week I was driving myself again!!!! It has been five months now and I am doing so much better and sooo much more than I have in years. The people around me have seen the change and they are in awe.

Thank you Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary for the gift you have given to me and to my family. Thank you for being the gift God created you to be.

With the deepest Love,

Sam, Sherry, Samantha and James