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How it Works

Taking care of your family is an extremely important job! And as you can see, we are a Family Practice!

As a Dad and Mom with four boys, we understand the value of staying healthy and realize why patients and their children need the care we provide! It has been one of our greatest joys to provide Brainstem Care to so many wonderful families! After twenty-four years in practice, we are now seeing the children of patients we took care of when they (the parents) were kids!

Brainstem Care is a very gentle and extremely effective type of spinal treatment that re-aligns the 26 bones of the skull and upper cervical spine without the use of surgery or physical manipulation. At Marshall Spinal Care we gently correct mis-alignments affecting the entire brainstem, from top of the mid-brain down to the beginning of spinal cord and beyond. The Brainstem Care procedures we engineer, design, practice and implement at Marshall Spinal Care place great importance on the restoration of any structural mis-alignment around the upper, middle and lower portions of the brainstem. As a result, the treatments we give affect your entire skeletal structure (skull, spine, extremities & pelvis). In so doing, postural imbalance, skeletal curvatures (i.e. scoliosis), leg-length in-equalities (as well as many other physical disease conditions) are successfully combatted and resolved.

The primary areas of focus, regarding taking care of your Brainstem:

  1. Brainstem mis-alignment is determined by measurements on specialized 3-D x-rays of your skull as well as precision measurements on a postural distortion instrument. (You can find more details on “Your First Visit” page).
  2. The x-rays help us determine the precise mis-alignments affecting the Brainstem Area of your spine.
  3. Treatments are made where the skeletal structures are causing the compression of the brainstem. The goal following treatment is the complete decompression of the 7 trillion delicate nerves of the entire brainstem. This results in the realignment of the entire skeletal structure (including, but not limited to the neck, mid-back, lower back, pelvis and extremities).
  4. For treatment, patients may stand, sit or lay on the treatment table. With every treatment, your whole body (including your head, spine, pelvis, arms and legs are completely and comfortably supported.
  5. During the treatment, patients feel a light gentle touch..
  6. A fifteen to twenty minute period of rest following the treatment encourages your entire spine to stabilize in it’s new position.
  7. X-rays studies are updated at least once yearly and are recommended following any injuries that cause a change in one’s Brainstem misalignment.

The Brainstem Care corrective procedures we practice restore your skull (head), spinal column and hips to their proper position. This takes the pressure off the entire brainstem and causes your body posture to return to a neutral, balanced position. From this position, the malfunctioning body systems are able to communicate with the brain, stop malfunctioning and the injured ligaments re-knit, recover and heal.

Brainstem Care derives some of its inspiration in the original studies of the Dr. B.J. Palmer. These studies were performed on patients of all ages in the Research Clinic of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa beginning in the 1920’s. Others, including (but not limited to) Drs. Sweat, Grostic & Gregory continued clinical research in the early 1960’s.

However, most of the roots of Brainstem Care come through Drs. Ray & Mary’s lifetime personal experiences. These experiences began at birth (you can ask Dr. Ray about his personal story) and continue to this day. In 1996, as an example, Drs. Ray & Mary were led to shift directions and depart from the existing Chiropractic treatment protocols to assist in taking care of first, their own special needs child and secondly, the adults, children and elderly patients who were in their practice who were not responding to traditional treatment methods. To this day, Drs Ray & Mary continually research the Brainstem and are seeking new treatment protocols, procedures and methods. Through clinical research and application, Brainstem Care is currently being utilized for not only for their own family, but for their adult patients, infants, children and the aging elderly. Drs Ray & Mary are now able to offer proven, gentle and effective spinal care treatments and solutions that can be utilized throughout a person’s lifetime, and, as Drs. Ray & Mary Marshall have discovered, Brainstem Care is one of the fundamentals every human being on the planet desperately needs! Starting on your first visit to their office, they fully intend for their doctor-patient relationship with you to be for your lifetime. It is one based on true concern for your well being and not one based on insurance contracts or access to federal funds. Some people call Brainstem Care different. Some think it is strange. They just call it good, old-fashioned doctoring. In short, Brainstem Care is all about restoring and keeping your whole body in alignment so you can life out your destiny!

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