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Welcome to Marshall Spinal Care!

As you look through the pages of our website, facing the health problems you are having, we would like you to know a little about us… We understand what it feels like to be confronted with an impossible situation. When our son Isaac was born with a traumatic brain injury in 1997, it set us on a different course in life, personally and professionally.

Each patient who comes to see us has a unique situation and symptoms. Each one requires a hand tailored approach to his or her specific needs. Patients who seek our care are looking for experience, compassion and results. Yes, there are other types of treatments available but when you hire us, you are hiring almost 50 years of combined experience with chronic, terminal, incurable and undiagnosed conditions. Our focus is not working for you until the insurance or medicare runs out, but establishing a doctor-patient relationship that will last a lifetime and give you the best quality of life. 

It has been our greatest joy to take care of third generations in our practice families! Taking care of the great grandparents to the great grandkids is quite an honor and one we truly treasure. Watching these families stay healthy throughout the decades is a joy to behold and we are grateful to see God’s blessings of health on their lives.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you experience a lifetime of health!

All our Best, 

– Drs Ray and Mary and the Boyzx4!

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