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Are you, or someone you know, in pain? .... Find out how Brainstem Care can help you


People are experiencing relief, recovery and life they only hoped was possible.

Meet Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall

We recommend, hand-tailor and modify our treatments and recommendations to meet each patient’s particular needs on every follow-up visit.

“We truly understand what it feels like to be confronted with an incurable, impossible situation and just how important it is that our patients know how much we truly care about them, that we will not give up on them and that we have been through what they are going through. Our commitment is to help each and every one of them find the unique healthcare solutions that will help each and every one of them with their healthcare situation.”

By having the equipment, technologies and procedures on hand, they are able to provide care just when their patients need it most. It’s not just the equipment, procedures, technologies and implements that make the Marshall Spinal Care difference. It’s forty two combined years of teamwork delivering hand-tailored treatments to their patients and their multi-faceted focus on each patient as an individual.

“It’s vital that we spend time with our patients to find out how we can help each visit. Whether our patient is a stay at home mom, rancher or a professional, their unique lifestyle, occupation, physical build and individual needs and requirements are considered and help us determine the best treatments for them. We engineer real healthcare solutions for real people with real problems every day!”

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November 21, 2018

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