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I Can Stand On My Feet Now

To all of Dr. Marshall’s Patients,

My name is Susan and this is my story. For over 25 years I have been battling right foot pain and swelling. I was told it was a bad sprain and would take a long time to heal. Last Christmas was the last straw when I could no longer stand on my foot for very long. I had to set on the floor in the long Christmas check out lines at each store. I bought foot inserts for my shoes that cost me over $500 and did not help. In January, I went to another podiatrist to see if anything could be done to stop this pain. I had four shots of cortisone in the right ankle, which helped for a few months but did not stop the problem. I had an MRI and found that instead of a bad sprain I had to have surgery. I scheduled the procedure for September. Long story short my mother died from lung cancer, which postponed the surgery. I was getting ready to reschedule the procedure when I had a dream. I heard my mother say crystal clear “Susie I am afraid you will wind up a cripple.” That morning when I woke I knew what I had to do. Dr. Ray had helped my daughter with her leg and my husband with his back. I stopped by Dr. Ray’s office and he asked if I was in pain and I said, “yes.” We went into one of the exam rooms and I found out I was almost an inch out of alignment. Dr. Ray said, “We can help you.” I scheduled an appointment and the rest is a miracle through Dr. Ray’s hands. When I was treated I could feel all the bones in my spine aligning, like clicking into place. When I rose up I was feeling light headed and the pain was completely gone from my foot and I was no longer limping. During my treatments with Dr. Ray I have noticed I feel great!!! I have had no pain in my shoulder, knees, hips, back and I have not taken any sinus medicine at all. The greatest thing I have noticed is I can now stand on my right leg and not fall down to the floor because it is weak and painful. How wonderful! I can tell when I need an alignment, a little pain the size ranges from a dime to a quarter in the center of my right heel. I thank you Dr. Ray and staff for being here for us.

Susan B.

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