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My Back Feels Like New

Dear Drs. Ray & Mary Marshall:

Thank you for the service you rendered to me when I needed it most. I never would have thought I would get as much relief of pain until I came to see you. The story of how I came to hear about you is amazing enough, but to actually get relief from my back pain and neuropathy pain has been a God sent miracle to me.

My name is Les and I have been in pain since 1977. I had back surgery in 1978 and in 1979 the pain returned. I finally overcame this ordeal to a certain extent in the early 1980’s. Then in 1986, a ladder threw me and broke my back. This gave me another challenge, dealing with some more pain. In 1996, I had another challenge. I developed peripheral neuropathy. It increased my pain (even more) to the point that I started taking oxycontin for pain relief. I had my second back surgery in 2000. I experienced some relief for six to eight months then the chronic pain returned. When it came back it was more severe than before surgery.

The first day I went to see Drs. Marshall, they came into the exam room and said “You’re in a lot of pain.” He then proceeded to check me over and said “We can help you.” These were the best words I heard that day! After the treatment he asked me to get up from the table. When I got up I could tell that the pain was 90% gone. I could move like I was a young teenager again! When I walked out of the office, my brother started to cry. He hadn’t seen me walk & move with ease for a long time. I went to my pain management doctor the next day and received a refill of methadone to take, but the side-affects were significant… I quit taking the methadone. After I quit, I realized that the pain I had experienced for 25 years was virtually gone.

On the next visit with Drs. Marshall, I told them that I was expecting the pain to come back (just like all the other times I had a break from the pain). To this day I have had very little pain. I have reportedly said “95% less pain and 5% to keep me humble.” This is my testimony of what Drs. Marshall have done for me. I am very grateful!

Les S