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Stroke Victim Healed

We Just Witnessed a Miracle!!!!!

We just saw a 60 year old lady who was a victim of a massive stroke in 2004 get Healed!!!!!!

When the stroke happened, the attending Doctors told her the tissues had died, that her problem was incurable and she would just have to live with the debilitating paralysis that affected everything on the left side of her body. She was using a quad cane just to steady herself and was walking with a very strong limp!

The stroke in 2004 affected the entire left side of her body!

It affected:

• Her FACE, making it droop,
• Her SENSATION, causing numbness especially on the left side of her face,
• Her LEFT ARM, causing it to draw up, be numb and cold to the touch and for it to be stiff and paralyzed.
• Her LEFT HIP, causing it to drag behind her right hip
• Her LEFT LEG, causing it to be stiff and paralyzed.
• Her LEFT FOOT, causing it to drop and need to be lifted with her hands to get in or out of a car or go up and down stairs.

We saw her TODAY. When taking the pre x-rays she had to lift her left leg onto the platform. Also, it was very noticeable when she smiled the left side of her face was paralyzed.

After the x-rays we made the correction on her spine.

As I helped her to her feet, I reached out for her to have something to grasp and steady herself… I PUT MY HAND INTO HER HAND AND SHE GRABBED MY HAND WITH HER LEFT HAND!

Her hand was warm to the touch and much to my amazement, I then saw her stand up with very little effort!!

Since that was easy for her to do, I asked her to lift her left leg… AND SHE DID! She lifted it up at the hip, bent her knee and smiled! And when she smiled, the droop was gone from her face! She walked out of the treatment room without the cane!

On the way into the x-ray room we had her look at her face in the mirror and smile. Her smile was perfect! No drooping at all! (WE WISH YOU COULD HAVE SEEN HER FACE! NOW THAT WAS A SMILE!!)

While taking her post X-rays, she reached up to scratch an itch on the side of her face and she (nearly crying) said “I CAN FEEL MY FACE!” We asked her how long it had been since she had felt her face. She said, “A long time.” We asked her what she meant by a “long time.” She said, “Since 2004!”

It was awesome to her sit down on the x-ray chair and not have to lift her leg!

She went from expecting to live with the stroke for the rest of her life… to knowing, by experience herself, that she will have a full recovery and be able to do everything she is called to do!

-Dr Mary