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It Worked Before… (& it will again!)

Tomorrow, I leave for a flight to Tulsa. This is a letter I can put off no longer. I should have written my own “miracle” story a long time ago. Historically speaking, my spine has always been a “mess.” I had had two instances of severe whiplash, and several instances of trauma to my cervical spine. […]


Your Family Can be Helped

Fellow Patients, My father’s lower back pains were almost unbearable. As long as I can remember, my dad lived with lower back pain. For the last five years, his condition had worsened considerably. He often awoke during the night due to intense pain, finally forcing him to sleep in a recliner if he was to […]


Sincere Care at MSC

Dr. Mary, I wanted to thank you and everyone else at Marshall Spinal Care for your kindness. From the first time I visited your office and every time since I have felt your sincere care and concern about my well being. Your practice is a positive environment to enter and I have been impressed with […]


Feeling new in my Seventies

This letter is a testimony of what God has done in my life. I came to you in August of 2009. I am sure you remember my condition. I had an injury causing me to have chronic pain in my neck and was very depressed and fearful. I had been to so many doctors and […]


Neck Pain Gone

Dear Dr. Ray, I am writing to let you know how your treatments have helped me over the last few months.  As you know, my blood pressure was getting into the range that would require medication, and I also had neck pain and anterior head carriage and I had started to develop a mild T1 […]


My Head Now Turns

The four of us sit around our kitchen table a few times a year to celebrate our friendship, our pasts, and to bring each other up-to-date on our current events. This time is filled with laughter and lots of food. This event recently took place, and after catching up with each other, we started on […]


No More Acid Reflux

Dear Dr. Ray, My mom is writing you this letter because I’m too little to write yet. But, I wanted to say “thanks” for helping me to feel so much better! Shortly after I was born and came home from the hospital I began to feel very bad and would scream day and night. My […]


Joy is Back in my Life

Dear Friends, I’d like to tell you a very happy story. that happened to me last Christmas. But first, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dina. I am 21 years old. I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life in a little European country – Belarus (it used to […]


Wrist is Pain Free

Dear Dr. Ray, Around Thanksgiving, three years ago, I (Maxine) was having problems with Carpal Tunnel symptoms. My husband wanted me to send out Christmas cards to our customers, but I could not even grip the pen to sign them and address envelopes. As I told Dr. Ray about that, I supposed he couldn’t help […]


Heart Condition Disappears

Our son, Koltin, was born on March 3, weighing 7 lb, 7 oz. A week later he dropped in weight to 6 lb, 4 oz and after hearing a murmur in his heart, the pediatrician recommended we take him to see a Cardiologist. At Koltin’s first Cardiologist appointment, at three weeks of age, he was […]

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