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No More Acid Reflux

Dear Dr. Ray,

My mom is writing you this letter because I’m too little to write yet. But, I wanted to say “thanks” for helping me to feel so much better!

Shortly after I was born and came home from the hospital I began to feel very bad and would scream day and night. My mom and dad took me to a lot of different doctors and they said I had severe acid reflux. I had to take all these different medicines, but they didn’t help me. When my mom or dad would try to get the doctors to do something else for me, they would say they were doing all they could. I even stopped breathing one evening because I was hurting so badly and screaming so hard. My mom and dad were very upset and scared because no one seemed willing to help. They prayed a lot and had everyone they knew praying also. That’s when my great-great Aunt Ruth, and my Mama and Papa called my mom and dad and told them about you and that you could help me. So, my dad and I flew to Tulsa from Dallas when I was only 8 weeks old and came to see you. I was out of alignment and you fixed me. Three and 1/2 days later my mom and dad noticed a different baby. I didn’t scream in pain and was a much more relaxed baby.

Now mom says I’m pretty much just a normal little baby girl and we have you to thank! You were the answer to many prayers asked for me!

Thank you,
Mollie B.
(Three months old)