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Hands of Care, Inc.

When children are born with special needs, diseases or handicaps, no one can truly describe or understand what they & their
families are going through in their specific situations unless they have been there themselves.

Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall, founders of Hands of Care, Inc. reach out to those families not only as doctors but as parents who were also once given a grim prognosis and no hope.

They don’t pretend to know what every situation is like for all of the children & families they help, but they do know what it is like to feel hopeless, abandoned, ashamed, mistreated and rejected.

Hands of Care, Inc., a 501(c)3, isn’t about giving away free care because of financial need. It’s about divine assignments from our Heavenly Father—being connected to the families who will benefit the most from what we have to offer.”

A neatly packaged, one-sentence description of Hands of Care is almost impossible. What they have to offer is living, breathing testimonies of hope, starting with their own miracle child. “Our eldest son, Isaac, who just turned 16, experienced a traumatic birth. Surviving 37 minutes with no oxygen and no heartbeat, the doctors told us they did not expect him to live. After 12 days in the NICU, they sent us home with a prescription for Phenobarbital, said there was little to no expected chance for his recovery and there was nothing else they could do. As first-time parents, physicians or not, what we went through and experienced isn’t really describable.”

Today, Isaac can communicate, walk with assistance, has no mental or emotional challenges and is reaching new physical milestones every day! Despite being diagnosed with 19 neurological disorders, all of them incurable, one-by-one, he is overcoming them all 🙂

In light of Isaac’s ongoing recovery, the Marshalls bring genuine, boots on the ground life experience, not just textbook medical training to their Hands of Care treatments. “What we offer cannot be learned in a classroom or from a textbook, and it cannot be bought! Our motto for Hands of Care is ‘Restoring Health, Restoring Hope & Pioneering Recovery.’ Our son Isaac’s recovery is truly miraculous! We can share that hope of recovery with other parents because we have and are actually experiencing it for ourselves. We have personally seen, with our own eyes, children walk out of wheelchairs, blind eyes begin to see, lame, crippled arms and legs straighten out, children speak their first words, heart conditions disappear and seizures stop to never return.”

However, results aren’t always immediate, and there are times Drs. Marshall have held the hands of parents when nothing happened, and the child left, seemingly in the same condition in which they came, and we then helped the families walk out the recovery process, but that doesn’t stop them from persevering and pioneering new advances in their treatments. They have seen too many of these little ones recover and begin to thrive again!

“It’s not really possible for another person to look you in the face and tell you not to give up hope when they have never overcome anything themselves…” – Drs Ray & Mary

With one in every 12 children in the U.S. receiving disability benefits, Hands of Care is doing its part to reduce that statistic. “The rising cost of health care for these families is overwhelming,” Dr. Mary says. “Again, Hands of Care treatment for children isn’t just based upon financial need, but helping reduce the cost of medical care is certainly a blessing to families with little ones who have been ravaged by disease. What matters to us most of all is seeing the children get better and recover.”

Truly multi-faceted in its duties, that’s Hands of Care at work.

From it’s inception, Hands of Care has had a simple purpose:

To help children who have been injured & broken (with families who’s hearts were shattered) find Hope, restore their Dreams, discover their Purpose & fulfill their Destiny!

For more information about Hands of Care, or to join with Drs. Ray & Mary as they help these little ones and their families in their time of need, please call (918) 272-1888.