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Isaac’s Story

Isaac’s Story… Pioneering Brainstem Care

October 15, 1997. Isaac was born. Our firstborn. Our first son. A forceps delivery was performed. The forceps crushed his skull on both sides of his head. His umbilical cord wrapped around his neck several times. He stopped breathing. He had no heartbeat for 37 minutes.

The doctors said he wouldn’t live. After twelve days in NICU, they sent us home. A bottle of Phenobarbitol with no refill. When I asked the Pediatric Neurologist if he would see him in a few days, he declined. The medical students doing rounds with him that day laughed out loud at me. Then they all left the hospital room. What I didn’t understand that day was why they laughed. Twenty two years later… I understand.

At the time, we were very new doctors. We had learned about a type of upper cervical chiropractic at school, NUCCA. We loved it! Many of our “regular” patients were doing great… But, for Isaac, there were very little answers found through this method… through their “philosophy.” It did not meet so many of his particular needs. It’s like everything we thought was true, the “exact science,” became meaningless and useless. Our only focus for twelve years was to keep him breathing… Out of this experience, Brainstem Care was born.

Isaac didn’t sleep for more than two to three hours for over ten years, so neither did we. Living in this intensity changed everything for us. How we saw ourselves, our passion, our purpose, other children, our work and the care we were providing. All that mattered was what we were doing to help him and the other children like him. Are they getting well? We had nothing to lose and everything to gain by staying humble. Asking ourselves the hard questions. Being honest with ourselves. Staying willing to change served him and our patients better. Looking back now, it’s hard to think how we even made it through every day… God’s grace is real.

We made many gut-wrenching decisions during this time. Not willing to go back to “traditional” chiropractic, getting ostracized by peers, family, employees and churches. Twenty two years ago children with special needs were not celebrated… At best, they were tolerated.

Fast forward to 2019…”Inclusion”…what a beautiful word.

Along this journey also came many heartfelt and caring people, patients, friends and family. Their love and support is what helped encourage us to continue to develop Brainstem Care and search for answers for those who were chronic terminal, incurable and undiagnosed. No one makes it through life alone…and we didn’t either. Isaac’s beautiful smile (his name means laughter) was like a beacon of love and hope during our toughest times. He comes to work with us everyday, as he requires our 24/7 oversight and care, and his laugh lights up the office and our patients like nothing else! What a gift he is! His life has impacted thousands. That’s the “special” in special needs.

Today Isaac, and thousands of children and adult patients are experiencing the results of the pioneering work of Brainstem Care. Yes, it’s still a work in progress. We are more passionate than ever about discovering new and even better ways of helping our wonderful patients.

Brainstem Care isn’t a procedure, analysis or technique. It’s about a mom, a dad a baby and a family – surviving and learning how to thrive. It is also about taking the hope, strength, knowledge and encouragement we’ve received to as many other families who will receive it. No judgment. Only heartfelt, tailor-made care.

The beautiful families who seek-out our care (literally from all over the world) come because they believe there are answers. Real answers for the chronic, terminal, incurable and undiagnosed. And, together, we find those answers…that’s Brainstem Care… That’s Isaac’s Story.

We wish you and yours all the Best,

– Drs Ray and Mary and the BOYZX4