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Fellow Patients,

My father’s lower back pains were almost unbearable. As long as I can remember, my dad lived with lower back pain. For the last five years, his condition had worsened considerably. He often awoke during the night due to intense pain, finally forcing him to sleep in a recliner if he was to get any rest at all. These rough nights made for long days at work, especially when required to sit at a desk all day. Dad was tired, hurt and dissatisfied with treatment options. Drugs, traction, M.D.’s, and D.O.’s were all ineffective, expensive methods of temporary symptom relief. Performing routine tasks such as mowing the yard proved to be difficult because of energy loss, sensory deprivation, and back discomfort. All of the treatments he received focused on his symptoms. Their purpose was to relieve his pain, but what they failed to accomplish was to treat the cause of his pain. This is where upper cervical care differed.
Through a family friend who had seen a remarkable improvement in her life after visiting Drs. Ray & Mary Marshall, Dad decided he would give these doctors a chance. It worked! The doctors corrected dad’s mis-alignment, and since that time nearly five months ago, he has lived a progressively pain free life. He is not yet functioning at 100%, but. little by little, with a corrected spine, his body is healing and strengthening itself every day. Dad works more comfortably, sleeps in peace, and basically just enjoys life more fully. I learned, by witnessing my father’s health improve, that by going to a Brainstem Care Care doctor I could really help the people I love live a better life.

Ryan M.