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Helping People

Fellow Patients,

My father’s lower back pains were almost unbearable. As long as I can remember, my dad lived with lower back pain. For the last five years, his condition had worsened considerably. He often awoke during the night due to intense pain, finally forcing him to sleep in a recliner if he was to get any rest at all. These rough nights made for long days at work, especially when required to sit at a desk all day. Dad was tired, hurt and dissatisfied with treatment options. Drugs, traction, M.D.’s, and D.O.’s were all ineffective, expensive methods of temporary symptom relief. Performing routine tasks such as mowing the yard proved to be difficult because of energy loss, sensory deprivation, and back discomfort. All of the treatments he received focused on his symptoms. Their purpose was to relieve his pain, but what they failed to accomplish was to treat the cause of his pain. This is where upper cervical care differed.
Through a family friend who had seen a remarkable improvement in her life after visiting Dr. Marshall, Dad decided he would give this doctor a chance. It worked! The doctor corrected dad’s mis-alignment, and since that time nearly five months ago, he has lived a progressively pain free life. He is not yet functioning at 100%, but with a corrected spine, his body is healing and strengthening itself every day. Dad works more comfortably, sleeps in peace, and basically just enjoys life more fully. I learned, by witnessing my father’s health improve, that as a Brainstem Care Care doctor I could really help people live a better life. This was the first major event that happened in my life directing me towards an upper cervical career.
The second major event leading me towards this chosen career occurred a couple weeks after dad’s first alignment. He needed to have a second alignment, so I decided to go along for the ride. Upon our arrival, the next hour turned into one of the most important hours of my life. My parents introduced me to Dr. Ray Marshall by telling him I was interested in learning a little bit about what a Brainstem Care Care doctor does. Well, this extremely kind man generously spent the next hour of his very busy day demonstrating the technique he uses, describing to me the fundamentals behind this technique, his business principals and ethics, challenges his profession affords, and much more. Though many thoughts were spurred during our conversation, two thoughts have stuck with me above all others since that first visit. 1) At that office, there was an atmosphere of peace, relaxation, and more importantly, healing. It was a very patient-oriented, “we’ll take care of you” environment. I too want to create this “care giving” atmosphere for people. 2) Importantly, the driving force behind Dr. Marshall’s desire to serve patients is characterized by his statement, “By serving others, I am able to serve God.” I really cannot think of a better reason to work or choose a career than to serve Him. When Dr. Marshall told me his philosophy, it best describes how I can serve God also. Before leaving Dr. Marshall’s office that day, I knew in my heart that my career path had just been chosen.
In addition to our discussion, I was able to watch my father receive his second alignment. His spine had slipped back towards its old position, causing him some familiar pain. He even grimaced in pain when having to lie down on the alignment table. During the treatment, I was able to witness the hurt on my dad’s face simply evaporate. It was an experience that reinforced my decision.
There are other events that have since occurred that have only strengthened my desire to be a doctor: my own spinal alignment (a definite improvement in my life!), a weekend chiropractic seminar, a visit to Palmer college, and subsequent talks with Dr. Marshall. For the first time in my life, I have a passion and understanding for what I want to do as a career. My ultimate goal is not just to become a doctor, but to set the standards for care. This will probably prove to be a long, rocky road I must travel, but it really does not matter how hard it will be. I will be helping people and I will be serving God.

Dr. Ryan