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It Worked Before… (& it will again!)

Tomorrow, I leave for a flight to Tulsa. This is a letter I can put off no longer.
I should have written my own “miracle” story a long time ago. Historically speaking, my spine has always been a “mess.” I had had two instances of severe whiplash, and several instances of trauma to my cervical spine. It seems my “Achilles Heel” is my neck! Dr. Ray & Dr Mary’s opinion when we met was that my original injury & misalignment were birth related.
So now, I know that I am “out” again. I’ve been out since at least mid August. My last Brainstem Care treatment was in April of last year. I’d felt good for 4-1/2 months… It was the first 4-1/2 months I’d ever been completely free of pain, ever!
One of the reasons I feel this letter is important to write now is my experience of the gradual “return” of so many seemingly unrelated symptoms since I have been “out.” Pain, of course, which had been GONE, is once more settling in. Now, gradually but noticeably, symptoms are creeping in, and I am experiencing subtle deterioration day by day. What symptoms? There are many. How about nausea, failing vision, watery burning eyes, aching joints (all of them even fingers & toes), pain in heels, headaches, insomnia, inability to sit, stand or lie down without pain, eye pain, earaches, stiff neck, gland pain, organ pain, bone pain, dry mouth, toothaches, sinus pain & drainage, jaw aches, heart palpitations, lack of energy, sugar cravings, difficulty with concentration, memory, speech (a childhood stutter returning). I’d been working on a carpentry project without difficulty, then found myself tripping and dropping things. I knew for sure I was “out” when I hammered my thumb!
If I were not smart enough to know that all I need is an treatmentment, I’d be running helter-skelter to doctors-of-this-and-that, getting tested and drugged, and sicker by the day. However, I am blessed to be able to go see Drs. Ray and Mary. And I have become smarter with my own health with their help. I recognize the pointlessness of tolerating pain and disease, when there is such a simple solution.
My own experience with the Brainstem Care treatment has been so gradual a healing, many times barely discernible on a daily basis, yet it has affected my whole life and being in dramatic ways. One of the things I hear myself telling so many people, is that I experienced relief from pain that I did not even know I had! It was in this relief that I became in touch with a pain-free self that I had NEVER known. As i write this, I recall the “early days” after my first couple of treatments, when I would be amazed, “look at me! I can move my arms! I can turn my head! I can sleep!” Gradually, as I accepted these things as “normal”, I began having mystery cures.

One area I recovered is an old injury to my right hand that had left two of my fingers kind of deformed.  During recovery, my fingers tingled and were numb for a few days, then healed further. Now, I can hardly tell where it was! I had a growth of some sort on my nose (undiagnosed) that was becoming a problem, now it is GONE!
I swear that every year I am becoming younger. I had always been active, energetic and hardworking, yet all of these have been enhanced since my alignment and freedom from pain. I also have a new respect for this temple, which is my body, and for the love and skill, which has been gift to me through these Drs Ray & Mary.