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It Worked

Tomorrow, I leave for a flight to Tulsa, from Charleston, West Virginia. This is a letter I can put off no longer.
I should have written my own “miracle” story a long time ago. My son, Dr. Ray, was an intern at Palmer, when I received my first Brainstem Care alignment at his hands. I recall my amazement, and his excitement, “IT WORKED!”
Historically speaking, my spine was a “mess.” I had had two instances of severe whiplash, and several instances of trauma to my cervical spine. It seems my “Achilles Heel” was my neck! Dr. Ray’s opinion at that time was that my original misalignment was birth related. And that it would take one month of healing for every year I was misaligned. Since I was well into my 40’s then, I saw a recovery time of nearly four years.
So now, I know that I am “out”. I’ve been “out” since at least mid August. My last Brainstem Care alignment was in April of this year. I’d held my correction for 4-1/2 months, the longest I’d ever held it. The first 4-1/2 months I’d ever been completely free of pain, ever!
One of the reasons I feel this letter is important to write now is my experience of the gradual “return” of so many seemingly unrelated symptoms since I have been “out.” Pain, of course, which had been GONE, is once more settling in. Now, gradually but noticeably, symptoms are creeping in, and I am experiencing subtle deterioration day by day. What symptoms? There are many. How about nausea, failing vision, watery burning eyes, aching joints (all of them even fingers & toes), pain in heels, headaches, insomnia, inability to sit, stand or lie down without pain, eye pain, earaches, stiff neck, gland pain, organ pain, bone pain, dry mouth, toothaches, sinus pain & drainage, jaw aches, heart palpitations, lack of energy, sugar cravings, difficulty with concentration, memory, speech (a childhood stutter returning). I’d been working on a carpentry project without difficulty, then found myself tripping and dropping things. I knew for sure I was “out” when I hammered my thumb!
If I were not smart enough to know that all I need is an alignment, I’d be running helter-skelter to doctors-of-this-and-that, getting tested and drugged, and sicker by the day. However, I am blessed to be the mother of two extraordinarily gifted Doctors– Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary. And I have become smarter with their help. I recognize the pointlessness of tolerating pain and disease, when there is such a simple solution.
My own experience with the Brainstem Care treatment has been so gradual a healing, barely discernible on a daily basis. Yet it has effected my whole life and being in dramatic ways. One of the things I hear myself telling so many people, is that I experienced relief from pain that I did not even know I had! It was in this relief that I became in touch with a pain-free self that I had NEVER known. I recall the “early days” after my first couple of adjustments, when I would be amazed, “look at me! I can move my arms! I can turn my head! I can sleep!” Gradually, as I accepted these things as “normal”, I began having mystery cures.

An old injury to my right hand, that had left two fingers kind of deformed, they tingled and were numb for a few days, then healed further. Now, I can hardly tell where it was! I had a growth of some sort on my nose (undiagnosed) that was becoming a problem, now it is GONE!
I swear that I am becoming younger. I had always been active, energetic and hardworking, yet all of these have been enhanced since my alignment and freedom from pain. I also have a new and holier respect for this temple, which is my body, and for the love and skill, which has been gift to me through these children.

With heartfelt gratitude, respect and honor,

Patty S