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Neck Pain Gone

Dear Dr. Ray,

I am writing to let you know how your treatments have helped me over the last few months.  As you know, my blood pressure was getting into the range that would require medication, and I also had neck pain and anterior head carriage and I had started to develop a mild T1 hump that was noticeable to my wife and me.  I also had a mild case of sleep apnea that would wake me up at night.  After taking some x-rays and making an alignment, I began to improve steadily.  At this point, my neck pain as well as the bilateral numbness and tingling in fingers are basically gone.  These symptoms as well as the associated coldness in my fingers are gone as long as I am doing well with my adjustment.  Similarly, the hump and anterior head carriage have improved significantly, and they only re-appear when I am out of alignment.  The same is true of my blood pressure.  It has gone from an average of 140/90 to an average of about 120/80 and it has been as low as 105/70.  Interestingly, there was an asymmetry in terms of the blood pressure in my right and left arms with differences that sometimes reached 20 points.  That symptom has also normalized.  Being a chiropractor trained in many techniques including upper cervical techniques, I have been aligned by some of the best chiropractors in the country and I choose to be treated by you.  Thank you for your kind attention.

Dr. Joe