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Feeling new in my Seventies

This letter is a testimony of what God has done in my life. I came to you in August of 2009. I am sure you remember my condition. I had an injury causing me to have chronic pain in my neck and was very depressed and fearful. I had been to so many doctors and I was becoming overwhelmed with their “bad reports”. “Nothing they could do,” the said, “this is progressive,” “this will probably never go away”. I didn’t know at the time that I could refuse to receive their bad reports. The first time I came to you, you said “Help Is On The Way”. I will never forget your words. They gave me hope. I was without hope, and “hope deferred makes the heart sick”. Every time I had an appointment with you, I knew that I would feel better afterwards, both physically and emotionally—and gradually the pain disappeared. Today, I am attending Bible College in my seventies and being transformed and the being transformed by the Word. I truly believe I would not be here today if not you’re your letting God work through you to heal me. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Joy L.