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Back Pain Is Gone

One afternoon, while enjoying some horseplay with some friends I threw my lower back out. At the time it really didn’t hurt and I just forgot about it. I had no idea just how much pain a back injury could cause. The next morning I woke up with pain like I have never experienced before. To make a long story short, I spent the next several years trying to find relief and a cure by taking pain medicine and going to one chiropractor after another. Then I saw the ad for Marshall Spinal Care in the phonebook. I was not getting any better with the treatments I had been getting so I gave them a call and it was what I had been looking for and more!
Dr. Marshall explained to me what he would do and said he could help me. Much to my surprise, after my first treatment I felt like a new man. Thank God for Dr. Marshall! From then on, when I do something to hurt my back or neck, I know just where to go for relief—Marshall Spinal Care. For complete and painless spinal care, there is none better. I highly recommend Marshall Spinal Care to everyone who has back or neck pain.
I really enjoy the snacks and refreshments in the snack bar next to the waiting room. I always enjoy my visits to Marshall Spinal Care. The waiting room is comfortable and the staff is so friendly. I highly recommend Marshall Spinal Car.

Thank you Dr. Marshall!

Yours truly,
John R.