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Able To Care For Myself Now

Dr. Marshall,

Today, as I write this letter, I am visiting my son and his wife in Texas. A visit doesn’t seem like a big thing, but not long ago I expected never to travel again. My trip is wonderful and so much fun. We have traveled all over the “hill country” of Texas enjoying the beauty!
The real beauty is the miracle of my improvement since my 1st visit to you. The difference in my condition then, and now is remarkable. My family and I see it as a miracle and my friends at church are amazed. Those who don’t know, ask me, “What have you done?” No one, including my doctors expected me to improve.
I am thankful to my hairdresser for sharing a story about her friend who had experienced great pain relief with Brainstem Care treatments. She knew my situation was one of desperation. I was in extreme pain with no hope or help from the doctors I had visited.
I was diagnosed 14 years ago with Rheumatoid Arthritis. During my battle to stay active, I endured the pain of ulcers and sickness from pain and anti-inflammatory medications. In May I broke my hip and had surgery. It was a difficult but somewhat successful recovery.
The R.A. has caused severe deteriation of my joints, particularly my spine. My pain was so excruciating that my rheumatologist sent me to an orthopedic surgeon. A result from CT scans, MRI’s and unbearable pain caused me to accept, even beg for any relief. During surgery to remove bone spurs, a crushed disc was discovered, and removed in pieces. The hope the surgery would relieve my suffering disappeared when my pain returned with a vengeance.
I began injections of cortisone into my back that gave only minimal relief for 3 to 4 days. I was growing more despondent as I faced losing my independence. The simple task of bathing, meals, driving, and keeping my home were becoming impossible. I had investigated many possibilities including the Mayo Clinic in search for relief. Pain and frustration were making life unbearable so I was quick to call for the first available appointment! I scheduled my first appointment and exam and I didn’t know what to expect. As I waited to return that afternoon I had little hope this procedure would render any relief. I was really surprised that afternoon when Dr. Marshall said he thought he could help me! I was happy, but with a lot of reservation.
With my first alignment I had some improvement for about 3 days. A week later with my second alignment I got about 4 days relief. I was very encouraged. A week later with my third alignment, I really began to get my life back! I began to drive, shop, and care for myself. All without constant pain!
People ask me frequently what I’ve done and I’m so happy to share this experience. Without shots or pills or invasive treatment, without risk – I have my life back! I fully believe in this gentle treatment to relieve pain and restore health. Thank you so much for what I really believe is my miracle.

Skiatook, Oklahoma