Discover the Benefits of Brainstem Care

Brainstem Care was designed to “Reboot” every cell in your body, effecting virtually every cell, system, and organ. In short, it’s All Inclusive!

The two inch section of the brain which occupies the upper portion of your neck was designed to be your “hard drive” and “electrical source” for your entire body. It’s responsible for every vital function of your body. With Brainstem Care its possible to recover from acute, chronic, incurable and undiagnosed conditions. 

View the List below to see the health conditions we are currently treating. People are experiencing the relief, recovery, and life they hoped was possible. 

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*Allergies *Sports Injuries

*Asthma *Alzheimer’s

*ADD/ADHD *Feet/Ankle Pain

*Autism *Torticollis

*Back/Neck Pain *Coordination Problems

*Growing Pains *Reading/Educational Delays

*Stomach Pain *Sensory Issues

*Digestion Issues/Reflux *Fatigue/Decreased Energy

*IBS/Chron’s Disease *Hormonal Imbalance

*Constipation *PMS

*Kidney problems *Menopausal Symptoms

*Enuresis (Bedwetting) *Libido/Testosterone Depletion

*Emotional Issues *Prostate

*Depression/Anxiety *Incontinence (Bowel and Bladder)

*Bi-polar *Poor Circulation

*Brain fog/Mental decline *Restless Leg Syndrome

*Anger/Aggression *Diabetes

*Sleep Disturbances *Rheumatoid Arthritis

*Gait Imbalances/ *Lupus

*Vertigo/Meniere’s Disease *Low Back Pain

*Eye/Visual Disturbances *Herniated/Ruptured Disc

*Hearing Disorders/Tinnitus *Failed Back Surgery

*Chronic Ear Infections *Knee/Hip Pain

*Chronic Colds/Sinus/Immune Issues *Plantar Fasciitis

*Eczema *Carpal Tunnel

*Psoriasis *Hand/Elbow/Shoulder Pain

*Seizures *Rotator Cuff Tears

*Cerebral Palsy *Trigeminal Neuralgia

*Down’s Syndrome *TMJ

*Blood Pressure Issues *Sciatica

*Heart Failure/Cardiac Disease *Arthritis 

*Aneurysm *Degenerative Joint Disease

*Strokes/TIA’s *Swelling in Extremities

*Genetic Disorders *TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

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