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First Treatment Miraculous

To Marshall Spinal Care,

I learned about Marshall Spinal Care last fall while your then attending student from Palmer College was visiting our church. It was by chance that I sat near him during a dinner and learned all about the technique of Brainstem Care. It was months later that my best friend had a crisis with her back and because of that student’s testimony she sought care. It was two weeks later that I too, came into a crisis with my back and neck.

My story really goes back many years with a series of falls and head injuries. I always thought all the years of dental assisting and poor posture over my patients was really the cause. When in actuality the injury and displacement of my spine was already there and I was making my muscles strain and pull causing severe headaches, stiffness, shoulder and back spasms. Ten years ago I started regular chiropractic care for 6 months with some relief, but as I see now, was not a complete healing or cure; just a temporary “fix”. It seemed I couldn’t “hold” an adjustment for very long at all and I had resided to just “live-with-it”. After a while you just think this is the way life and getting older is like… intolerance to some foods, sleepless nights and the biggest one-of-all… I slept on my neck wrong!!! I swear I have spent my life trying the right pillow and mattress to make my life BETTER!

My first Brainstem Care treatment was miraculous to say the least. I remember Dr. Mary asking me how I felt. It was hard to explain, especially when you have never gone through so many changes at once!! I just said I felt “clear”… It was like all the “lights” went on in me and every system and switch God made in my human anatomy was turned on!! My vision became immediately clear, I felt my legs underneath me–and boy could I stand up straight! During the time she had me spend in the recovery room, tears started to fill my eyes and I could feel the circulation returning to my right leg… I was so elated that I started praising God. The first week was like an awakening for me… I enjoyed feeling my “new” body. Relief of every symptom mentioned earlier had gone… I marveled at the design and plan the God had made in the human body and realized that the Brainstem Care was an “unlocking” of that mystery. Unless your foundation (skeletal system) is not sound your house will fall. Luke 6:49.

It has been two months now, I am going through my healing time and yes my “old ways” are being tested. I am learning how to keep my new alignment. Now when I bend over a patient and feel my muscles pull and cramp it only lasts a few hours instead of days that lead into a lifetime.

Dr.’s Mary and Ray have been given a very special gift from God and those that pass through their doors shall receive the “wellness” that God has intended for them. My continued prayers of protection, thanksgiving and success will forever be for Marshall Spinal Care.


Tulsa, OK