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Symptom Free

Dear Dr. Ray,

How can I ever thank you enough. I would have never gotten the help I needed if I had not given you the chance. My medical doctor had run several tests on me and could not find anything wrong, but at the same time I was a mess with every problem a person could humanly have on them and not fall apart. Even though I did not believe in you at the time, I had no other choice but to give you a try. And I’m thankful I did. After being called the second most severe case you had ever seen, and being under your care for 6 months I am symptom and pain free. Here are all of the things you corrected with the touch of a hand.

1) The feeling of worms crawling in my head.
2) Extreme pressure and squeezing in my head.
3) My head felt like it did not fit on my neck.
4 Hot flashes.
5) Dizziness.
6) Lack of concentration.
7) Cloudy mindedness.
8) Forgetfulness.
9) Ears popping.
10) The feeling of rubber bands popping in my brain.
11) Head, neck, shoulders and spine staying bruised.
12) Arms would go to sleep and tingle most of the time, usually at night when the
pressure of the pillow was applied on my neck.
13) Anxiety and panic attaches.
14 Extreme fatigue.
15) Depressed.
16) Sugar cravings.
17) Heart fluttering and beating hard.
18) Constipation.
19) Tightness in chest, no lung power and feels like bronchitis.
20) Irritable.
21) Miserable insomnia.
22) Hyper on the inside, but weak on the outside.
23) Bloating.
24) Never satisfied, always eating and never finding the right food.

Thank You,
Karen C