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My 7 year old is happy now

Dear Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary,

Tim and I cannot thank you enough for the way you have helped the four of us through your care. We have all benefited greatly, yet the one who has benefited the most dramatically is our daughter.

When we first came to you about three years ago, Anja was suffering from what was diagnosed as chronic constipation. She had to endure barium enemas, a regimen of laxatives, suppositories, and having to be “cleaned out” in the office by the doctor. None of these things were helping to actually heal her. Her little body was constantly in distress. Traditional medicine truly failed her because the physicians never tried to investigate why she was this way. Instead, their solution was to treat only the visible signs of her condition. She had suffered digestion problems since birth. Clues to this problem did present themselves when I think back, but I never made the connection – our baby always preferred to be in a curled up position. (She didn’t stretch very much, she didn’t walk until she was 19 months old (She never crawled, only scooted on her bottom). We did know that she didn’t have as much room as her twin brother in the womb when I was pregnant, that’s why she was so “scrunched up”. As time went on, we noticed that Anja never was very hungry because she was so constipated. She developed circles under her eyes, was very thin, and here skin color was dull and not as vibrant as a healthy 3-year old child. Furthermore, she was emotionally traumatized as a result of all the “procedures” she had to endure. My husband and I were completely frustrated with traditional medicine because their approach was not working and Anja was suffering, both physically and emotionally. Forget potty training! Since she had never in her life experienced a normal bowel movement (her BM’s being either runny from laxatives or hard as a rock), she always associated the bathroom with pain. As a result, we couldn’t establish any sort of potty routine. We were at our wit’s end! Then we learned about you and the Upper Cervical Care approach to upper cervical care. After the initial x-rays were taken, we learned that the source of Anja’s condition was that she was a half an inch out of spinal alignment. From that day forward, she has received consistent treatment from you both. It took awhile for her body to heal from the trauma, but it did finally heal!

Today Anja is a healthy and happy seven-year-old girl. With no more constipation issues. Her regular pediatrician always asks if she has any “problems” and I say, “No, she’s great!” Then the doctor asks if she is still taking the laxatives, and I say that she doesn’t need them anymore. I always get an amazed look from the doctor when I give this response. But when she does her own examination of Anja’s abdomen, she can see for herself that Anja is healthy. At present, Anja is holding her alignment very well and she doesn’t need to be checked again for 90 days. What a true blessing!

Thank you, Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary for helping our little Girl! We will forever be grateful and so will Anja!

Blessings to you both!
Sincerely, Monika