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Immediate Results

About three years ago my life began to change dramatically. It felt like I was dying a slow torturous death from the inside out. (The tissue under my skin even hurt.) I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over two years ago but my neurologist kept telling me this was not normal pain for people with MS. I was put on several medications and none of them helped. In two years time I went from a very energetic full-time student, full-time nurse, mother and wife to barely being able to dress myself each morning.

My mother-in-law told me about Marshall Spinal Care. She had heard about it on the radio. I called the radio station to find out about Marshall Spinal Care. I was skeptical. I think a lot of the skepticism was due to pure exhaustion of trying to get help and not finding it.

I noticed immediate results after my first correction. I could straighten my fingers and squat to the floor and stand. The pain is under control. I am living again. Really, really living again! Thank you Marshal Spinal Care.

Nancy S