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Brainstem Care Dr to Upper Cervical Care Dr

Marshall Spinal Care,

I have been in practice a year now and many patients have asked me my personal story of Chiropractic and Brainstem Care. I thought it was about time I wrote it down for not only my patients, but for the benefit of everyone else.

I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments since I was eight months old. I could not sleep at night so my parents would put me in the car and drive me around the block until I fell asleep. After a few weeks of this, they decided to bring me to the Chiropractor. After my adjustment, I slept fine from that point on.

In high school, while playing soccer, I hit my head across another players hip trying to head the ball. My neck was sore and stiff. After a few adjustments, I was on the road to recovery. It was great!

Again in college, I was on a trip to Florida with the swim team and my back slipped out. There was no pain, but when I jumped in the pool to swim, my feet just would not kick. I did not understand it at the time, but I knew it had to be a problem with my nerves. Across from the hotel happened to be a Chiropractic Clinic. I spent all my fun money on x-rays and an adjustment. I was told to rest the remainder of the day and get back in the pool in the morning. The next day, it was like nothing ever happened. That was what inspired me to become a Chiropractor.

At Palmer, I learned all the techniques that were done to me as a child. As I went through school and went to clinic for students, I realized that the people coming in week after week never held their adjustment. In my case I had two bones out every time. So I asked my clinic doctor “Will this ever get better?” And he responded, “NO, you will just have to live with it. The injury has been there a long time and the only way you can keep yourself healthy is to come in each week the rest of your life.” That was not a satisfactory answer for me. I started asking questions to my fraternity brothers about techniques that will not only help people, but also allow them to stabilize and actually heal. Dr. Craig Lapenski (Seattle, WA) referred me to Drs. Ray and Mary. He said I would have to make a trip down there to understand what they are doing and the changes they make with peoples lives. I was not excited about a 12-hour drive to see a practice, but I packed up the car and made a trip to see their office and get corrected.

At Marshall Spinal Care, I received my first Brainstem Care treatment. I did not feel anything. In fact, I was skeptical and wondered if Drs. Ray & Mary did anything at all!! The pictures showed they had me corrected and they looked good to me, so I went in to rest. I woke up about two hours later not knowing where I was! I was out like a light! I was impressed with their office and confused about the actual treatment. What really caught my attention though was the next two weeks in student clinic. I was checked four times in two weeks by my extern. I did not need to be treated at all! That was the first time this happened in the Palmer Clinic in two years! After that, I called Marshall Spinal Care and committed to visiting them once a month until I graduated. I made five more trips to Tulsa and then was asked to come work for them as a preceptor.

After many years of good Chiropractic care, I finally found Brainstem Care to be the best one out there for me. I thank God everyday for putting it on my heart to search for Brainstem Care and leading me to Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary. Now I have the pleasure of changing lives in my office, as Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary do in Owasso, OK.

Thank you Marshall Spinal Care.

Dr. Matt