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Cure For The Hurt

Dear Marshall Spinal Care,

I am writing to tell you how blessed and happy I am that I heard about Brainstem Care. One day I just happened to hear about it on a radio station. I heard a lady named Louella’s testimony. Needless to say I was interested. I had problems with constipation, plus upper and lower back pain, pain in my left hip and in both my feet. I was already going to a chiropractor. I had to go to him just about every day to start with then about three times a week then after 12 weeks once a week. He would adjust me and put me in traction. He said some people have to go all their lives. It did help for a while but traction all my life–no thank you!

I called the phone number at the end of the show and in a few days I got the information I needed and made an appointment with you. I didn’t know what to expect. All you did was get my history, x-rays, measure my feet and my hips to see if they were out of line then you had me lay down and you touched close to my ear a few times. I have had about five appointments with you now and except for my feet I am pain free. And I have no more constipation. Sometimes it takes a little time, but I know it’s just a matter of time and my feet will be pain free also. I just pray that anyone who is hurting will know there is a cure, just call the office and you too can be set free like I was.

Dorianne M.