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Pain Free Road Trips

As an encouragement to you and to let you know, I arrived home after riding 2 1/2 hours feeling pretty good! As a rule, this does not happen for me with long trips. My left leg is in so much pain that I can count on no sleep and a very long night. But after your treatment, I cannot believe how so-o-o-o much better I feel! I even did a few chores around the house. Most of the time, I have to hand on to something when stepping down a step or two in our home. This just was not the case for me! I haven’t had this much freedom in 3 years. For that alone, I praise the Lord!! I know I may have a long way to go to get where I need to be, but if things progress as good as this first treatment, then I can hardly wait for what is yet to be for me.

The Lord is truly using you to do His work helping others. I know you know this, but wanted to refresh you with this truth.

Again, thanks for what you and the Lord are doing to help me!

Have a wonderful day!!

Larue B.