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Back pain gone and 44 lbs down

Back about 8 months ago I was told about Dr. Ray by my mother. She kept telling me that I needed to go see Dr. Ray.

I hurt my back about 2 years ago on ice. I had no feeling in my right side and pain all the time. I could not walk very far, lift anything over 25 lbs., or sleep for very long. To make my mother happy I finally called and made an appointment. As a non-believer I went and had x-rays; then saw what he did to my mother, just a couple of taps on her neck. I was thinking, “What will that do for me?” He measured me, I got on the table and he tapped me about 4 times.

When I stood up all the pain went completely out of my back. I could not believe it. We went to the Branson Landing and walked all the way down and back, with NO pain. I continued with further visits.

Before this, my regular M.D. said my cholesterol was too high; my sugar was too high and I was over 100 lbs. overweight. I told Dr. Ray that I needed a new body. Three treatments and my sugar is normal, so is my cholesterol! To date I have lost 44 lbs. and I have no desire to drink soda. I feel wonderful, happy and ready for life again.

Thank You,
Glenda D.