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Back To The Life You Love

For those who are suffering with some type of chronic health problem, whether it is pain, a disability, or illness, you understand it’s not just about how it makes your body feel that is the struggle. It’s the loss of living the dream you had envisioned for yourself and your family.

When Sherry came to see us last year, she had been involved in a car accident. The accident had left her with unbearable pain in her body. To reduce the suffering she was prescribed heavy amounts of pain medications, antidepressants, and antipsychotic drugs. These were very beneficial in the beginning to help her through the first phases of recovery. What Sherry did not know was these same medications which were initially helpful would be used to cost her more than she realized.

When I first met Sherry, we met in the x-ray room. She was a very attractive lady and looked very “polished.” If I had not been used to seeing patients like this I would have missed all the tail-tail signs of someone who is really suffering. You see, one of the deceiving parts of having spinal pain is the patient looks good on the outside but feel horrible on the inside. For those around the patient they can’t see what the person is experiencing on the inside.

After looking at Sherry’s x-rays, it was very obvious the amount of trauma she had experienced. After the alignment was made, she immediately felt better and was noticeably better.

In conversing with her I happened to make a passing remark. I said, “The statistics show the divorce rate for chronic pain patients is 80%. Chronic pain being a low grade headache, or mild low back pain that persists.” She simply smiled and we started talking about something else.

Several weeks passed when I opened the exam room door and there was Sherry. She was beaming! In fact, I didn’t recognize her. She touched my arm and before I could get a word said, “I have to Thank You!” I thought she was going to tell me she was feeling better.

“Remember when you told me about the people who have bad pain and they end up getting divorced?” I just shook my head. She was talking so fast. “Well, I know you had never met me before and I know you don’t know anything about me. But my husband and I were in the middle of a horrible divorce. He was trying to take our two small children away from me. I could not understand why he was doing this. But I called him and asked him if I had been any different since the accident. He said, “You are a drug addict! You take those medications and you don’t know what you are doing and you sleep all day. When I come home you haven’t even been up to take care of the kids and you don’t know what time it is. You won’t stop taking them and I don’t want to live like this anymore.” Sherry was shocked! For the first time she understood how the pain had made her need the medications but how they had totally overtaken her life.

Now that the pain was gone, she had been able to stop most of the meds. As she stood there talking to me with tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, “ You had no idea what I was going through. But now my husband and I are in counseling and we are going to stay together. I get to keep my babies.”

Sherry’s story is just one a many we could share with you. You see, behind every pain, hurt, or illness there is a dream that is dying.

Our prayer for you and your family is that you will know God’s grace and mercy and that He will provide the strength to keep your dreams alive.

Our job is to help you get back the life you want, love and dream about!

Much Love and Blessings!

Dr. Mary