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Sharp Pain and Numbness Gone

Dear Ray Marshall,

The following is an accurate account of the past four years of lower back pain;

After an accident, my lower back was in constant pain. I would wake up in the morning and go to bed at night most frequently with tearful pain. After four years and my unwillingness to go to a doctor (many of my friends all went to doctors, all had surgery, all were left with on-going pain), my wife heard an interview on the radio about your services, and I decided to visit you as an alternative to surgery. This seems to be the best decision I’ve made.

Although being a skeptic, I went through your procedure. My lower back over the next 48 hours began to feel considerable better. Within 72 hours, I could not believe the improvement. The sharp pains left, numbness in my legs left, etc.

Being in business and having many companies require exhausting hours of work, both physically and mentally. Having severe back pain only made my tasks more difficult. I’m now able to sleep all night and wake up refreshed.

Thank you for your work. I only wish I’d been your patient four years ago. I also want to thank your staff for being so aware of patients and their needs, and being so caring.


Steve P.