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No More Headaches

I was suffering with a migraine headache at an average pain scale of 8 to 10 for almost 70 days. I was even in the hospital for two weeks because of it. The doctors in the hospital tried various medications to “knock out” the headache, but nothing seemed to really work.

I had heard about Marshall Spinal Care from several friends at my church. After I got out of the hospital and was still in pain, I finally went to Dr Marshall. After the first visit, I noticed a tremendous difference. The headache was gone!! I also found out I was 3/4” out of alignment. At the second visit I was only 1/8” out of alignment; and at the third visit I was only out of alignment 1/16”. By the fourth visit I was totally in alignment and I have had no headaches since the first visit. I haven’t felt this good in years!!!!!

Becky Z