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Energy Level Is Up

Dr. Ray Marshall,

Occasionally my husband goes fishing with an acquaintance from Tulsa, OK. This spring in conversation during the fishing trip, he learned this gentleman’s daughter was involved in an auto accident and how your services had helped her. Being unfamiliar with the term Brainstem Care, we did some research online and decided to make an appointment with your office.

I have gone to a traditional Chiropractor for over 20 years, but after twelve treatments from you, I would like to share my experience. I am 58 years old with Multiple Sclerosis under the care of a Neurologist. I take a shot (Betaseron) every other day and have for the past 14 years. My most significant problems were as follows:

Right leg shorter – wore a lift in right shoe or had to have my shoe built up for approximately 10 years.

Very unbalanced when walking – left leg drags when tired

Tired very quickly doing physical activities

Numbness in feet

Other problems I experienced were sinus headaches and neck pain (when working at the computer)

After the first alignment my legs were even and when I got home (which is a four hour drive) I could walk so much better. No feeling of being unstable or wobbly. I have noticed the numbness in my feet is gradually going away.

I have very little neck pain now and I have had one minor headache.

My husband, Bobby, drove me to the first visit and after seeing such a difference in me, he decided to also become a patient. His back and neck pain is significantly better and his energy level is much higher.

We are very thankful we heard about you and your clinic. Your staff makes us feel very comfortable and always so helpful and friendly.

Thanks so much,

Juanell G.