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Not on Medication Anymore

Dear Dr. Ray & Staff,

I want to thank you for all you have done to help bring health and restoration to me! It has been amazing!

I had been seeking medical attention for years looking for relief from debilitating headaches. The pain would last for days, sometimes weeks, and I frequently ended up in the emergency room. During the course of the headaches, I would be unable to work, take care of my family or do even menial daily tasks. The pain was controlling and stealing my life! Although many treatments and large doses of medications were tried, the relief was always temporary.

I learned about your spinal care center from a friend who was receiving treatment from you. He actually told me about you as he was taking me to the emergency room! He wanted to help me find relief.

When I arrived in your office I knew God had led me there. As I talked with you about the pain I had been living with, I was overcome by emotion. You listened with compassion then handed me Kleenex and HOPE!! I had faith that I was bout to be better. You prayed with me before you performed the correction and as soon as I stood up I knew prayer had been answered! I felt amazingly different at that moment and I knew that I was on my way to health that I had not known for nearly two decades!! As I reclined in the recovery room, I knew the meaning of God leading me beside still waters and restoring my soul!

I have been walking several miles a week now, and can literally feel the health returning to me each day! I had not realized how hard my body had been working before just to do something so simple as walking! There have been lots of other effects as well—I’m sleeping better, thinking clearer, accomplishing more and even breathing better as a result of your correction! (And, I’m on NO medicines now!)

I know that our God uses all things to teach, mold and build us and I want to use all I have been through to encourage others and give them hope!

Thank you for loving and serving our glorious God! Thank you for the difference you have made in my life! May the name of Jesus Christ be praised!

May your work and your faith be blessed! Thank you, Dr. Ray Marshall! Thank you to your terrific staff, too!

With inexpressible gratitude and appreciation,

Heidi L.