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MSC Staff is Key to Recovery

Dear Dr. Ray & Dr. Mary,

Thank you seems like such an inadequate word to describe my gratefulness for your kindness and service to our family. Your office is more like a Nurturing Facility than a Doctor’s office. I sensed when hearing your interview on the radio, that this may be where God was leading me. I was so pleased with the results that I took a job in hopes of eventually getting each one of my five-member family in for treatment. This goal has long been accomplished.

That first experience with Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary seemed a bit unusual. There was a gentleness and kindness I’d never experienced before. The “recovery room” after the alignment was close to what I imagined Heaven might be like: a feeling of warmth and love, music more peaceful than anything I’d ever heard, recliners, blankets and silence from all stressful noises. I recall after leaving, wondering if these people were for real. Perhaps they were of the New Age Religion, or something so strange I’d have to quit going. In essence, I thought what I’d found was too good to be true.

However, over the years, your care and your staff have proved as solid as an Oklahoma farmer would consider meat and potatoes. One incident I’d like the world to know, to describe Dr. Ray’s character, is that my son Travis was probably four or five years old. He was running a high fever, but I couldn’t take him to the pediatrician, as he is allergic to antibiotics. Marshall Spinal Care was closed that day so I called the number Dr. Ray had given me on his card “for little people under four feet tall.” Dr. Ray was at home and explained where he lived. I pulled up in front of his house when my sick son expressed his disappointment. He thought we were going to the office, and was too shy to impose on Dr. Ray in his home. It was raining pretty hard out, but I went to the door and explained how Travis felt to Dr. Ray. He said, “No problem!” He allowed me to watch his son Isaac while he went out to the van. He convinced Travis to allow him to do the alignment on the floor of the van. We thanked Dr. Ray and went home. Within two hours Travis’s fever was down from over 103 to under 100, and he was feeling much better.

The staff has also been a key in our recovery. When our alignment changed (actually IMPROVED), and we didn’t know it, they suggested new x-rays. Rather than soreness after being adjusted, we felt relief again! They has also used their resources to convince Travis, who is 9 years old and has far better things to do after 7 hours of school than drive to the doctor’s office, to come in for alignments.

Over the years when I’ve felt guilty for ‘bugging’ you again with calling for another appointment, I’ve been greeted with a cheerful voice on the phone. Your staff never seems irritated with my requests and always finds a way to work me in. Now I’m not afraid to call because I know whoever answers will be just as friendly.

Dr. Mary and Dr. Ray’s counsel over the years have been more valuable than I can express. Your front desk and support staff you’ve share your office with have further enhanced my visits. I guess it is true, “Cream rises to the top,” because you always find the best people to work for you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and healing touch upon my family’s and my life.


Jan A.