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The BIG Difference

Dr. Ray and Staff,

I was told Dr. Ray would touch me and I would be healed. I thought I would have to have great faith for this to happen to me. I knew this was something I would not do and have it work for me. A friend of my husband’s had gone and she was very pleased with her results. My husband said I was going. I guess he was getting really tired of seeing me in pain… not wanting to do anything or wanting to go anywhere. After eight hours on my feet at Krispy Kreme I was exhausted.

At that time, I was going twice a week to a local chiropractor. I was put back into place each time. Before I got back home I could tell I was back out of alignment already. Everyday I would sit with ice on my back and then heat just to feel some relief. The muscles in my upper back got so stiff you could feel knots in them. I was not sleeping because there was not a comfort zone.

I called and it was a real eye opener… I would have never believed with just this touch behind your ear, someone could treat your entire spine. As Dr. Ray says, “Put your head back on straight.” You can hear the popping in his wrist as he touches your neck. The amazing thing is there is no pain. I do not have to put ice or heat my back anymore. The knots in my muscles are gone.

I do need to learn not to over do and take breaks when my muscles start to tense up. When I do these things there is such a BIG difference. I can sleep all night. I have so much more energy and life seems SO much better.

There were times when life was not fun at all. I also had sinus problems for almost 30 years and it had gotten worse each passing year. Dr. Ray has told me that after my alignment stays in, this will also keep improving. That would almost be a miracle because every doctor I have went to has told me it is something I have to live with. “Take some drugs and accept it,” they say. Especially since I react to perfumes, cleaners, pollen, etc. To have someone tell you staying in alignment can make this happen seems too good to be true, but it is slowly.

Dr. Ray is such a good listener and he explains everything in such a way you know what he is saying. That itself is worth so much. You are not walking out of his office wondering what it was he just told you. It all made sense. His office is so relaxing. It is like being in a little bit of heaven on earth. The staff is wonderful. We all should have a work place like this. That would be amazing.

Dr. Ray and Staff, I personally want to thank you for all the care and understanding you show everyone that comes in your doors. As you await your appointment and see all the other people come and go. You see the great one-on-one with everyone and everybody always leave smiling. Thank you again for a job well done.


Anne D.