“I am a 16 year old junior that has been dealing with seizures since the 6th grade. I have been to doctor to doctor with no answers.

I love to run, be outside, hangout with friends and family, just an outgoing teenager.

Since battling with this sickness, it has really set me back from doing those things. I’ve been through it all.

Well this past March, I was paralyzed from my waist, down to my feet. I was in a wheelchair for about 2 months. So one day, a close friend was telling my mom to take me to doctor named Drs. Ray & Mary. A couple days later my mom made me an appointment.

We got to their office and they did a treatment. When they were done, I stood up all by myself. My mom, god-mom, and Dr. Ray, and I all got tears in our eyes at the same time.


The only thing I could think of was how I could feel the Holy Spirit in the room. I got to visualize God heal me in front of other witnesses.

The reason why I’m sharing this is so that people realize we have a God that heals. He may let you hit rock bottom first, but he will never give you a situation you cannot handle!

And it does not matter how old you are, he can still use you! This is my testimony on healing. If he can heal me, he can do the same for you!”


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