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Walking Without a Walker

Back in the fall of my back was hurting so bad I was having a hard time doing anything, so I went to a see a medical doctor here in Miami, OK. They sent me to Tulsa, OK to see a doctor there. He ordered a MRI, and at that time, I was told I needed to have surgery on my back. After a while, I told them “alright” and they set me up to have surgery in Tulsa, OK. When I went to have my surgery they got me all ready to go to surgery, were putting the IV in my hand to put me to sleep and then , right at that time, a nurse came in and told me that I could not have surgery due to my bad heart and that it (the surgery) would probably kill me. That was a big shock to me, you see by that time I was already walking on a walker and using a wheel chair, I could not do much of anything. Every move I made me hurt real bad. I was about to give up on ever doing anything the rest of my life.

But by the grace of God and a loving daughter, she found Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall in Tulsa, OK. On March 9th, I went to see Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall, and believe me that was a turning point in my life. I can now walk without a walker and I can do about anything I want to and I am almost pain free and I do not have any scars in my back!

One more thing I need to say. When you go into Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall’s office you can not believe you are in a doctor’s office. You see so much love and caring, it’s so hard to believe.

In closing, I want to thank all the staff, Dr. Ray Marshall, and his wife, Dr. Mary Marshall and the Lord for everything they have done for me.

I love you all,

Don K.
Miami, Oklahoma