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Not Paralyzed Anymore

Some things just touch your heart more than you can put into words!

Yesterday we saw a 3 year old beautiful little girl. Her entire left side was paralyzed. The diagnosis was spastic hemiplegia. As I took her x-rays she was playing with a tea cup and a little spoon. She could hold it with her right hand. When she tried to use her left hand she couldn’t use it. Her little face and eyes showed her frustration.

We read her x-rays and she went in for her alignment with her Mom.

The office was extremely busy and I had several sets of X-rays. But about 45 minutes later her Mom appeared at the door. She said, “She’s using her left hand!” And she had taken the brace off her leg was walking around the office.

As she sat in my X-ray chair she was playing with tea cup again. But this time her left hand was open and she was touching the tea cup with it.

How do explain God’s goodness? Maybe we can’t say it, but we can see it. Even if its a little girl playing with a tea cup.

We pray you not only hear of God’s goodness today, but actually see it!

Much Love and Blessings!

-Dr Mary

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