Dear Dr. Ray & Dr. Mary Marshall,

In December my husband was facing many doctor’s appointments trying to solve his problem of pain–for which he was taking a lot of medication just to survive. As the different doctors ran their many tests, the bad news started rolling in. The neck surgeon found that Tom’s spinal column was so twisted that it was pinching the spinal cord, which would require neck surgery. I was very concerned by the thought, knowing one slip could mean cutting his spinal cord. We had also heard of others who had similar operations and had to continue to go back for more surgeries due to scare tissue. That did not seem like a good choice, but what could we do?

Our pastor suggested Marshal Spinal Care. We agreed to go and we continued to follow the other doctor appointments that were set up. After returning to the neck surgeon, followed up with x-rays, the report had changed. The doctor said, “I don’t know what you did but you no longer need surgery!” We were happy to tell him that praying and Brainstem Care was the answer.

We just wanted to thank you so very much as well as encourage others that might have surgeries facing them right now, to consider Brainstem Care first.


Tom & Carol

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