Dear Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall,

I have known since I was a junior in high school that I wanted to help people for the rest of my life. While I was at the end of my high school years and starting my college experience, I spent time volunteering at the local hospital and started my undergraduate work majoring in pre-medical science, with the intention of becoming a medical doctor. My junior year of college I spent time with medical doctors and became disenchanted due to the lack of options to help people with serious problems. I decided to become a chiropractor and began my studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in the fall of 1996.

While I studied at Palmer I was very active in learning different chiropractic techniques to broaden my understanding and ability to interpret people’s problems and be able to help them. Six months from graduating, I thought I knew most of the answers and I was prepared to help people with the techniques I had learned while at Palmer. That was before I went to a Upper Cervical Care club meeting where the featured speaker was Dr. Ray Marshall. You talked about things that I previously thought were impossible to accomplish because I already knew what I could do with the techniques I spent so much time and money studying over the past 3 years.

I had to find out if this was in fact true. I traveled to Tulsa to be treated by Dr. Ray for the first time. Immediately I felt I did not have the left short leg and over the next three weeks felt changes in my body. All my previous chronic reoccurring problems at the age of 25 where going away on there own. The constant mid-back ache, sub-occipital (base of the skull) pressure, chest pains, racing heart, and pelvic pain went away, and now have the ability to swallow vitamins without choking on them. After nine months of holding the alignment I have noticed I do not get tired during the day or early evening. When I have a cold, I no longer get the cough, phlegm, and sinus congestion, and the sinus drainage goes away in three days.

I made many trips to Tulsa since my initial alignment to learn. I feel honored and humbled every day of my life to Dr. Ray, Dr. Mary, and the staff for showing me how to truly help people in need and offer hope where previously there was none. I finally received the x-ray equipment necessary to do the Brainstem Care work. My wife was the very first patient because she suffered from migraines every week. Where I once felt helpless even with the knowledge of different techniques I had learned, I now felt invigorated because she is now migraine free. I have been doing the Brainstem Care work for six months now and even though I have much to learn, I have already brought sight to the blind, hope to those in greatest need, pain relief to those who had been previously been told their situation was helpless.

Because you spent time teaching me, I can now help people in Wisconsin and spend the rest of my life knowing that I AM doing the very best to help people in the worst situations. For this, I am and will always be eternally grateful for the way my life was touched and ever changed by Dr. Ray and Dr. Mary.


Dr. Matt

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