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Stroke Victim Healed

We Just Witnessed a Miracle!!!!! We just saw a 60 year old lady who was a victim of a massive stroke in 2004 get Healed!!!!!! When the stroke happened, the attending Doctors told her the tissues had died, that her problem was incurable and she would just have to live with the debilitating paralysis that […]


Surgery No Longer Needed

Dear Dr. Ray & Dr. Mary Marshall, In December my husband was facing many doctor’s appointments trying to solve his problem of pain–for which he was taking a lot of medication just to survive. As the different doctors ran their many tests, the bad news started rolling in. The neck surgeon found that Tom’s spinal […]


Enjoying Life Again

Dear Drs Ray & Mary, I just had to write a letter of “Thank You” to you both, and to your staff. You may not have realized it, but you have given me my life back. I am very grateful. When I came into your office in May, I was in severe pain and had […]


Instant Miracle

Dear Dr. Mary, As you know, I am a 78 year-old woman with long term osteoporosis so bad that I was bent over like an inverted “S” shape before I came to you for treatment on the fifth of this month. I also had generalized pain from back and head injuries, some recent and some […]


Sciatic Nerve totally Healed

During the last six months, I have suffered with my sciatic nerve. My patience and spirit were being worn down to a physical depression. I had seen a medical physician and acquired pain drugs, which only helped temporarily. I received several names of chiropractors, it seemed to be worse, three pulling my leg, massaging my […]


Back pain gone and 44 lbs down

Back about 8 months ago I was told about Dr. Ray by my mother. She kept telling me that I needed to go see Dr. Ray. I hurt my back about 2 years ago on ice. I had no feeling in my right side and pain all the time. I could not walk very far, […]


Standing Up Straight

Hi, For the last 15-20 years I have been living with lower back pain. It started with a slight twinge and got to the point I could not stand up straight. When I walked I would have to swing from side to side. I was told everything from being diagnosed with arthritis and two slipped […]


Back To The Life You Love

For those who are suffering with some type of chronic health problem, whether it is pain, a disability, or illness, you understand it’s not just about how it makes your body feel that is the struggle. It’s the loss of living the dream you had envisioned for yourself and your family. When Sherry came to […]


Sharp Pain and Numbness Gone

Dear Ray Marshall, The following is an accurate account of the past four years of lower back pain; After an accident, my lower back was in constant pain. I would wake up in the morning and go to bed at night most frequently with tearful pain. After four years and my unwillingness to go to […]


Brainstem Care Dr to Upper Cervical Care Dr

Marshall Spinal Care, I have been in practice a year now and many patients have asked me my personal story of Chiropractic and Brainstem Care. I thought it was about time I wrote it down for not only my patients, but for the benefit of everyone else. I have been receiving chiropractic adjustments since I […]

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