About the Marshalls

Drs. Ray and Mary Marshall have been married for twenty five years and in private practice for twenty one years.  Meeting at Marshall University in 1989, they became study partners and then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic.  After graduating Magnum Cum Laude, they opened their office in Tulsa in 1996. Their decision to practice was a lifelong dream.  When Dr. Ray was born, he was on a respirator, having seizures and not breathing on his own. His uncle, who was a Navy Seal and a chiropractor, came to the hospital and treated him. After his treatment, he stopped having seizures, got off the respirator,  and started breathing on his own!  At the age of four, he overheard his mom and uncle talking about what had happened for him. At that point in his life, he said, “That is what I’m going to do!”

The Marshall’s style of practice is unique and genuine.  Following the traumatic birth of their eldest son, they developed a unique therapy called Brainstem Care©.  (For more info on their personal story, read the article on Hands of Care, Inc.).

Because of their personal experience in helping their son recover from the trauma of his birth, they became uniquely equipped to treat many different types of individuals who do not or have not responded to traditional treatment methods, even those with extremely delicate or challenging symptoms.

While the Marshalls would not “wish” this situation on any child or family, it is because of what they personally faced, experienced and overcame that they are now able to understand, have compassion and be a genuine help to other families in their time of need.

“The experience we had with our son has made us better people, parents, and doctors.  We truly understand what it feels like to be confronted with an incurable, impossible situation and just how important it is that our patients know how much we truly care about them, that we will not give up on them and that we have been through what they are going through (or far worse, so they are comforted knowing we know the way out!). Our commitment is to help each and every one of them find the unique healthcare solutions that will genuinely work to help each and every one of them recover.”

To assist patients receive quality care, Drs. Ray & Mary continue to research, develop equipment, implement procedures and investigate new technologies and other aids to help their patients receive quality care. By having the equipment, technologies and procedures on hand, they are able to provide care just when their patients need it most.

But it’s not just the equipment, procedures, technologies and implements that make the Marshall Spinal Care difference. It’s forty two years of combined experience of delivering hand-tailored treatments to their patients and their focus on each patient as an individual.  “It’s vital that we spend time with our patients to find out how we can help on every visit. Whether our patient is a stay at home mom, rancher or a professional, their unique lifestyle, occupation, physical build and individual needs and requirements must be considered in how we determine the best treatment for them. It really matters to us what really matters to them and real results are one of the most important items on that list… We engineer real healthcare solutions for real people every day!”

“Our approach to care is also not “either-or, meaning we do not incline to strictly alternative medicine or traditional medicine, but we recommend, hand-tailor and modify our treatments to meet each patient’s particular needs.”

Their practice is in located in Owasso, Oklahoma.  They have four children, three puppies and are very active as parents, doctors and in their community.

To see how they can help you, please call 918-272-1888. You’ll be able to get all your questions answered and find the perfect time in your busy schedule to come see them.

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See you soon!

Drs Ray & Mary, D.C., the Boyz x4 & their Wonderful Staff

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